Health Impact Assessment

The National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP, 2020) has produced a report
assessing the potential impact of national service changes aiming to improve the care and
health outcomes of patients with chronic lower limb wounds. In addition to patient benefits
such as improved wound healing rates and reduction in recurrence, the report suggests the
programme could provide benefits for the workforce and financial benefits for the system.
Across England there were an estimated 739,000 leg ulcers in England in 2019, at an
estimated cost to the system of around £3.1 billion annually (NWCSP, 2020). Chronic lower
limb ulcers can have multiple physical, psychological, and social impacts on patients,
affecting their daily lives (Phillips et al., 2017). Inequalities in access to evidence-based care
and early access to diagnosis and treatment may exacerbate the rate of wound healing and
Currently, care for chronic lower limb wounds is provided through multiple healthcare
providers across different settings, such as general practice, care homes, or own homes.
Care is often provided by practice or district nurses, with wound care frequently competing
with other care priorities. The NWCSP looks at moving towards greater self-management of
wound care, through lower limb specialist services providing care through clinics/social care
models and at home. The key proposals outlined within the NWCSP report include changing
the model of care provision to reduce unwarranted variation and support provision of
equitable care, increasing the delivery of evidence based care, and improving data capture
to support clinical decision making and monitoring of outcomes. In addition to the patient
benefits of improvements in care and health outcomes, the report suggests after initial costs
incurred through implementation, a potential net present value of £14.6bn over 30 years of


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