Podiatrist Dr. Carter has these tips on what and how we should look and buy for kids’ shoes as they get ready to go back to school.

“So Velcro is wonderful. Easy on, easy off, because we know you don’t need them getting stressed out on the playground. We know that kid’s feet grow super quick.

shoeWe want to make sure that they’re big enough. You need to make sure they’re long enough. When you put their foot in there, scoot it all the way to the edge and make sure you can get at least your thumb in there.

shoeThat will ensure they have a little bit of room to grow. Shoes should also be kind of rigid. Now you don’t want a super stiff shoe, but when you bend it, it should flex in the toes a little bit, but it really shouldn’t bend in that middle portion. If you can crank on that and bend it in half, it is not a good shoe.

Something else you should look for is an accommodative shoe. What that means is one that will open up, it will expand, and especially for kids with flat feet, you need to be able to put an orthotic in it. If they can’t fit an orthotic in their shoe, then they’re not going to wear it. So a shoe that will expand and accommodate this is perfect.”shoe




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