Perchè parlare del Wound Care si può? NO, si deve! DAL 2017

Microtubule plus-end dynamics link wound repair to the innate immune response.

Summary of “Microtubule plus-end dynamics link wound repair to the innate immune response.”

The skin protects animals from infection and physical damage. In C. elegans, wounding the epidermis triggers an immune reaction and a repair response, but it is not clear how these are coordinated. Previous work implicated the microtubule cytoskeleton in the maintenance of epidermal integrity (Chuang et al, 2016). Here, by establishing a simple wounding system, we show that wounding provokes a reorganisation of plasma membrane subdomains. This is followed by recruitment of the microtubule plus end-binding protein EB1/EBP-2 around the wound and actin ring formation, dependant on ARP2/3 branched actin polymerisation. We show that microtubule dynamics are required for the recruitment and closure of the actin ring, and for the trafficking of the key signalling protein SLC6/SNF-12 towards the injury site. Without SNF-12 recruitment, there is an abrogation of the immune response. Our results suggest that microtubule dynamics coordinate the cytoskeletal changes required for wound repair and the concomitant activation of innate immunity.

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