Sesamol incorporated cellulose acetate-zein composite nanofiber membrane: An efficient strategy to accelerate diabetic wound healing.

Recently, the function of nanofiber membranes prepared from electrospinning in accelerating wound healing has attracted wide attention. In this study, novel nanofiber membranes consisted of cellulose acetate (CA) and zein were fabricated to provide efficient delivery vehicles for sesamol, then the effect of sesamol-loaded composite nanofiber membrane on the wound healing process for diabetic mice was studied. It was found the critical concentration of CA was between 15% and 25% (w/v), and the most suitable concentration of stabilizing fibers was 22.5%. When the CA/zein ratio was 12:8, the fiber obtained the small diameter and uniform distribution, the stable intermolecular structure, the low infiltration speed and high stability in water. The composite nanofiber membrane with high-dose sesamol (5% of total polymer concentration, w/w) promoted formation of myofibroblasts by enhancing TGF-β signaling pathway transduction, and promoted keratinocyte growth by inhibiting chronic inflammation in wounds, thus enhancing wound healing in diabetic mice. This study could further broaden the application range of sesamol, CA and zein, and provide reference for the design and development of new wound dressings in the future.

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