Supplementary oxygen and wound healing

Chronic non-healing wounds are an increasing problem worldwide, with the
costs of managing these posing challenges clinically, socially and economically.
The association between oxygen and wound healing is well established and it is
known that a sustained oxygen deficit has a detrimental impact to patients with
chronic wounds. Recent advancements in new technology to deliver oxygen
therapy directly to the wound bed are being applied to an increasing number of
wounds. This article examines the role of oxygen and options for delivery, with
a focus on NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy in wound healing. It reviews the
impact of the use of Natrox in delivering oxygen to the wound and the benefits
this has on wound healing in two patients with chronic, non-healing,
lower-limb ulceration…

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[Tratto da Wounds Dicembre 2019, studio eseguito dalla Dott.ssa Sonia Silvestrini ]


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