Perchè parlare del Wound Care si può? NO, si deve! DAL 2017

The Fundamental Role of Advanced Dressings Based On Rigenase®, Triticum Vulgare Observational Study

The antiseptic properties of the advanced dressings based on Triticum
vulgare, through the patented Damor® Pharmaceutics process
starting from the Triticum seed, guarantee the speed of healing
in the treatment of a wide range of skin wound, such as: ulcers,
sores, surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, sunburn,
abrasions, breast fissures secondary to breastfeeding, anal fissures.
In particular, the Triticum vulgare extract contains starches, phospholipids
and glycolipids, which create a protective barrier on the
wound, protecting it. The presence of polyethylene glycol allows
the recall and retention of water on the polymer chains, avoiding
the loss of liquids. It is also able to attract fibroblastic cells that
have the task of synthesizing collagen fibers, which are entrusted
with the task of proceeding with the healing process. The aqueous
extract of Triticum Vulgare, obtained from the entire germinated
plant, mainly contains poly / oligosaccharide components with
different biological properties capable of triggering the bioactive
complex, interacting directly with the wound repair factors. The
presence of Rigenase ®, germinated wheat extract, guarantees protection
from the external environment….

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